The former basketball coach at Bloomington North (Ind.) High School claims Indiana University Coach Bob Knight and Knight's former wife were partly responsible for his forced resignation after the 1986-87 season.

The Knights' son, Patrick, was a 6-foot-5 sophomore on Coach Mike Lord's team and had a confrontation with the coaching staff during the final game of the season.

On Feb. 28, Lord met with the school's principal, Dennis Martin, who suggested he resign after a 6-15 season.

Lord's seven-year career as head coach ended March 6 with a 59-49 loss to Edgewood in the Martinsville sectional of the state basketball tournament.

"We'll never find out anything definite," Lord said in an interview with The Courier-Journal of Louisville, Ky. "It's all speculation, and we'll always wonder. She {Nancy Knight} had made the comment at the sectional that she would take credit for it {the resignation}.

"I heard that Nancy basically called the school board people and the principal and said they should fire me," Lord said.

Martin, school superintendent Harmon Baldwin and members of the school board said neither of the Knights was involved in the decision.

Lord, who is now the athletic director at the school, said his relationship with the Knights had been strained before the final incident, mainly because Patrick's playing time decreased as the season wore on.

In the final game, young Knight entered the game in the third quarter, put up a couple of wild shots and was benched. When an assistant coach told the youth to regain his composure, he had a temper tantrum on the bench, Lord said.