NEW YORK, AUG. 11 -- The National League today suspended Kevin Gross of the Philadelphia Phillies for 10 days for having sandpaper glued to his glove.

Gross, whose penalty was appealed by the Major League Baseball Players Association, was ejected by umpire John Kibler in the fifth inning of the game Monday night against the Chicago Cubs in Philadelphia.

Gross' glove and a ball that Kibler said was clean were sent to NL President A. Bartlett Giamatti. Giamatti found Gross in violation of rule 8.02 (b), prohibiting a pitcher from having "on his person or in his possession any foreign substance," a league spokeswoman said.

Gross, whose suspension was not automatic because he was not caught scuffing balls, today admitted sandpaper was on his glove, but denied he had scuffed any balls.

"I was not scuffing any balls in the game last night," said Gross (6-10, with a 4.77 earned run average through Monday), who had given up six hits and two runs through 4 1/3 innings of an eventual 4-2 Phillies victory. "There was no reason for me to be checked. Nothing was done with the ball."

Gross' suspension was to be effective immediately but was delayed, pending the appeal, which was based on the fact that Gross was not caught scuffing baseballs. No hearing date was set and Gross, who stands to lose $23,333 pay, remained on the active roster.