INDIANAPOLIS, AUG. 17 -- Outbreaks of violence or threats of it continue to plague the Pan American Games. Cuban and U.S. handball players fought briefly Sunday night, and police and FBI agents monitored an entire baseball game to keep Cuban athletes and supporters from fighting an anti-Castro group.

Every time the Indianapolis police appear to have the situation controlled, the threat of violence breaks out somewhere else. On Sunday afternoon, the police escorted about 20 members of Cuba Independiente y Democratica -- an anti-Castro group -- out of Bush Stadium to prevent what they thought would have been a major fight after the Cuba-Nicaragua baseball game.

A group of Cuban nationalists, including athletes, were about to confront CID before police stepped in.

"There is no doubt we prevented a street brawl in the parking lot," city Public Safety Director Richard Blankenship was quoted as saying.

FBI agents and local police officials sat in the stands through most of the game to monitor the situation.

Cuban handball players became upset with officials at the end of Sunday night's game when a U.S. goal with one second left in regulation led to overtime and a U.S. victory. The Cubans were upset with the timekeeping, resulting in a small pushing match.

On a light day of competition today, Cuba threatened to boycott the closing ceremonies in protest of the choice of entertainers. The scheduling of Miami Sound Machine, a rock group composed of several Cubans living in the United States, was termed "a provocation" by a Cuban official.

Although the U.S. baseball team might have gained a psychological advantage by ending Cuba's 33-game Pan Am winning streak Saturday, the Americans are still no cinch for a gold medal. First, they have to face Puerto Rico on Wednesday.

Puerto Rico, like Cuba, has a 4-1 record in the round-robin competition and could end up tied for the top seed if it could win its final two games, the second of which is against the United States.

The only game Puerto Rico has lost so far was last Monday, 1-0, to Cuba. Puerto Rico's 1.32 earned run average is better than the U.S. team's 2.09 and Cuba's 3.19. And ERA is the first tie-breaking method for seeding in the medal round, which will begin Friday . . .

Michele Granger pitched her second one-hitter of the Games, striking out 15 as the United States defeated Canada, 1-0, in women's softball. A two-out single off her glove in the seventh and final inning ended the no-hitter.

The United States ended the round-robin portion of the competition undefeated (7-0) and unscored upon. Canada finished third at 5-2 and advanced to the medal round, in which the United States will play Puerto Rico (6-1) at 6 p.m. Tuesday.

Karch Kiraly, making his first start for the U.S. men's volleyball team, sparked his team past Argentina, 15-5, 15-8, 15-11 . . . In the only gold medal event of the day, Cuba won the men's team saber fencing.