The National Football League will "reluctantly" hold a supplemental draft Aug. 28 for Ohio State all-America wide receiver Cris Carter and Pittsburgh running back Charles Gladman, who lost their college eligibility for dealing with agents.

In making the announcement in New York yesterday, the NFL said it will conduct the draft because it cannot "act as the NCAA's enforcement arm." NFL lawyers reportedly told Commissioner Pete Rozelle the league would lose in court if the players sued.

Carter and Gladman, after losing their NCAA eligibility, petitioned the NFL for an opportunity to pursue professional careers.

This is the first time the league has agreed to draft players made ineligible because of dealings with agents. But it has allowed into both supplemental and regular drafts underclassmen kicked off teams or out of school for disciplinary infractions.

League spokesman Joe Browne said the NFL has "offered to work with {the colleges} in an effort to deal more effectively with agent abuses."

The supplemental draft order is determined by lottery, weighted in favor of teams with the poorest records in 1986. The New Orleans Saints will have 28 chances, the Super Bowl champion New York Giants one. The Washington Redskins will have four, giving them 100-to-1 odds of getting either player.

Ohio State Athletic Director Rick Bay said the NFL had created a dangerous precedent and "a major setback for the relationship between college football and the NFL. "Now, any college football player who wants to play pro ball before his class graduates can simply render himself ineligible . . . We just needed the NFL to continue to take a hard stand on its policy."

Pitt Coach Mike Gottfried agreed that "in essence the NFL is encouraging people to leave school early" and threatened to limit access of NFL personnel on campus. "I've called the NFL and told them how I felt about it," he said . . .

The City of Chicago and the NFL Bears signed a letter of intent to "work toward development of a privately owned and operated stadium on the West Side" and to consider improving team revenues in the interim by doubling the number of skyboxes at Soldier Field.