KANSAS CITY, AUG. 20 -- Next January's NCAA convention likely will vote on a one-game playoff to decide the national football championship, a source told the Associated Press.

If approved, the game could be staged after the 1988 season. Such a playoff would be held at 6 p.m. the Sunday before the Super Bowl at a Sun Belt or domed stadium. The NCAA postseason football committee committee would pick the teams.

The recommendation of a special subcommittee that has been studying playoff plans will be announced at a news conference in Kansas City Thursday after the NCAA Special Events Committee meets. The subcommittee is expected to pass the plan along to the NCAA Council with the recommendation that it be on the agenda at the January convention. The policy-making council would follow the recommendation of the committee, an NCAA official said.

The NCAA Presidents Commission is on record against extending the football season.

One source told the AP: "It's going to be put up or shut up time on this issue. We've been talking about this for how many years? It's time to let people decide one way or the other, or at least find out what they're thinking."

Sentiment among coaches and administrators historically has been heavily against a playoff. But in the wake of last January's commercially successful Fiesta Bowl showdown between No. 1 Miami and No. 2 Penn State, opinion has begun to shift.

Estimates on the revenue potential for a football playoff run as high as $40 million.