INDIANAPOLIS, AUG. 19 -- Tennis player Luke Jensen of Southern California is dubbed "Dual Hand Luke" at the Pan American Games because he is ambidextrous -- he serves with either hand and uses either hand to volley.

Jensen, who defeated top-seeded Agustin Moreno of Mexico, 6-3, 3-6, 7-6 (7-5), in a singles match today, says he plans to turn pro rather than return to USC next year. Judging by his bloodlines, it was likely he would become a pro athlete at something. His father, Howard Jensen, played tackle for the New York Giants in the 1950s . . .

Riddick Bowe has composed a poem in the Muhammad Ali tradition. Bowe, who lost a 3-2 decision to Cuba's Jorge Gonzales tonight in the super heavyweight division, has made his plans to become world professional heavyweight champion well known.

Riddick Bowe, he made a promise as a kid, that he would do what Ali did.

Remember Riddick, remember do, and then let your dreams come true.

Working hard and being smart, is the way to really start.

Being honest and being cool, not acting like a stupid fool.

These are the things to keep in mind, and being the champ is what I'll find.

Added Bowe, "And you can tell that to Mike Tyson, too." . . .

A less serious alternative to the Pan Am Games will be held Friday in a downtown plaza, with roughly 100 bartenders, waiters and waitresses participating in something called the Indianapolis Games.

The local restaurant employes will compete in the long-distance balloon toss, the basketball free throw, and a tricycle relay race around an obstacle course. The competitors were chosen by their customers . . .

How Sugar Ray Leonard got a credential to the boxing tournament is anybody's guess. Normally, the credentials are coded by letters and numbers, signifying the extent of access to the various venues. But Leonard's merely says, "Sugar Ray Leonard, World Middleweight Champion."

Following an informal news conference by Leonard Tuesday night, Cuba's Adalberto Regalado grabbed a microphone and said he wanted to compliment the champion for coming out of retirement to defeat Marvelous Marvin Hagler.

Regalado, who beat flyweight Arthur Johnson of the U.S. to advance to the semifinals, then said, "I admire you because you fight like the Cubans." . . .

Injured point guard Kamie Ethridge was recovering from knee surgery she underwent in Dallas today while the U.S. women's basketball defeated Cuba in the semifinals. Ethridge, the college player of the year last season, is expected to need eight months to rehabilitate torn ligaments . . .

The oldest member of the women's volleyball team is Laurel Kessel, who, at 33 is resuming her amateur career.

Kessel retired after 1980, when the U.S. boycotted the Moscow Olympics. After seven years on the national team she was without a college degree and could not get a job.

Kessel finally got a degree from San Diego State and became volleyball coach at the University of New Mexico. She got in touch with U.S. coach Terry Liskeyvich to ask for a job as an assistant. After her first interview, however, Liskeyvich asked her to return to tryouts as a player.

Her nickname on the team is "Mom."