INDIANAPOLIS, AUG. 20 -- A Marion County (Ind.) prosecutor said today he would not file charges against Cuban boxers who attacked anti-Castro protestors in the stands, but would seek international sanctions against them.

In another development, Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the international soccer governing body, has disqualified nine players, two masseurs and a trainer from Pan Am Games medal competition.

Athletes and, or trainers and masseurs from Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Argentina were banned. Masseur Gerardo Albarran of Mexico was fined and banned for racing onto the field and tripping a player from behind during Mexico's 1-0 overtime loss to Brazil in the semifinals Tuesday night.

The players and trainers disqualified by FIFA will miss the gold- and bronze-medal matches held tonight and Friday night.

Brazil, which meets Chile Friday night in the gold-medal game, will be without Ademir Kaefer, who was disqualified for his role in the fracas with the Mexicans. Chile will be without Osvaldo Gomez and Claudio Tello, who drew two yellow cards for rough play or abusive language in its 3-2 semifinal win over Argentina. Chile's trainer and masseur will also be missing. They were suspended for coming onto the field without permission during the semifinals.

Mexico, which lost to Argentina tonight in the bronze-medal match, had five players suspended (Francisco Cruz, Miquel Espana, Benjamin Galindo, Javier Hernandez and Porfirio Jimeniz), leaving it with just 13 available players -- enough for an 11-man starting team and two substitutes. Argentina was without player Jorge Theiller, who was given his second yellow card in the semifinals.

Brazil, leading by 1-0, in the overtime, was awarded the victory over Mexico Tuesday night when the game was called off because of escalating tensions.

Players were involved in scuffles as they left the field at halftime. The situation worsened later when a Mexican player was knocked down in the penalty area and no foul was called.

While the Mexican bench seethed, Brazil's Nelson Kerchner drove the ball upfield with less than a minute to go in the period. At that point, masseur Albarran raced onto the field and tripped Kerchner from behind. FIFA also has recommended that Albarran be banned from the athletes' village and his credential revoked.

Regarding the Cuban situation, Stephen Goldsmith, a local prosecutor here, said he would not file charges of assault and battery against three Cuban boxers, including light heavyweight world champion Pablo Romero, for their part in a fistfight with anti-Castro demonstrators at Friday night's boxing matches.

Goldsmith cited the difficulty of extraditing the Cubans, and referred the matter to the Pan American Sports Organization and the International Boxing Federation for review and sanctions.

Members of the anti-Castro group Cuba Independiente y Democratica (CID) say they were attacked without provocation by several members of the Cuban team, including Romero, Felix Savon and Jose Gonzales.

"It seems clear that a battery did occur," Goldsmith said. "There was a beating and no legal provocation. It was in my view fairly reprehensible. I find no excuse for it."

But Goldsmith cited international complications of putting on the Pan Am Games peacefully and his inability to penalize the Cubans once they returned home.

"Interference by the local criminal system seemed nonsensical," Goldsmith said. "We can arrest them right now, but they wouldn't come back. We'd create this major international mess, with no substantive result.

"What might constitute a provocation in Cuba is an exercise of first amendment rights here, and I find no excuse for it," Goldsmith said.

However, U.S. Olympic Committee President Robert Helmick said, "I think it's unfortunate that Cuban athletes are subjected to harassments that U.S. athletes are never subjected to. It's difficult for them to understand our system. It's an awkward situation."

CID also has pursued the matter in Marion Superior Court by filing two civil suits.