INDIANAPOLIS, AUG. 20 -- U.S. light heavyweight Andrew Maynard suffered a sprained right ankle that cost him his semifinal bout Wednesday night against Cuban world champion Pablo Romero in Pan American Games, X-rays revealed today.

Maynard, a U.S. Army fighter originally from Cheverly, Md., was thought to have a more serious injury, either torn ligaments or a broken ankle. Maynard began rehabilitation this afternoon and he is expected to be able to compete again in about four weeks.

Maynard was ahead on points when the bout was stopped for medical reasons 1:15 into the second round.

Maynard is wearing an air cast -- a type of brace -- and is on crutches, U.S. team physician William Grana said. He is expected to wear the brace for two to three weeks, but will be off crutches in the next 10 days.

Super heavyweight Riddick Bowe had said after his loss to Cuba's Jorge Gonzales Wednesday night that he fought with a broken hand, but X-rays revealed no fracture, Grana said.

Riddick said he suffered a hairline fracture in his knuckle at the Olympic Festival several weeks ago. But Grana said Riddick was suffering from soft-tissue damage along his knucklebone. Nevertheless, the hand will be in a cast for about two weeks, Grana said. -- Sally Jenkins