Two Maryland football players said yesterday there were some ill feelings in December when Bobby Ross resigned as the Terrapins' coach only to resurface in the Atlantic Coast Conference a few weeks later at Georgia Tech.

Ross, whose name frequently came up in speculation about other college and professional coaching positions, left Maryland to join the staff of Buffalo Bills Coach Marv Levy.

However, Georgia Tech called soon thereafter, and Ross suddenly was back in the ACC.

"I don't think it was a very ethical move," fifth-year senior offensive tackle John Sorna said during a news conference with members of the media covering the ACC. "He told us he was pulling out of the college ranks, and he was in Buffalo two weeks. Then, not only does he go back into college football but in the same conference. That is typical of what it was like for the last year at Maryland. He would say one thing and then another thing would happen."

When asked if he and other players felt betrayed by Ross, senior linebacker Kevin Walker said, "Yes, somewhat. He told us he would like to move on and coach in the NFL. Then two weeks later he's back in college. But I guess everybody is entitled to change their mind."

Fifth-year senior nose guard Bob Arnold said he was not as bothered by it.

"It was just good business," Arnold said of Ross' decision.

Sorna said the lines of communication between Ross and the players closed as time went on during Ross' five years at College Park, especially last season when the entire athletic department operated under the cloud that remained after the cocaine-induced death of basketball player Len Bias.

"He was an excellent coach," Sorna said. "There was just a lack of communication.

"When I first came there was a lot of respect for Coach Ross. As things started to happen, some of that respect slipped. From that point, he pushed harder and expected more and started to turn more players off. With Coach {Joe} Krivak here, it's restored our faith in the coaching staff."

Ross either interviewed, or was rumored to be under consideration, for several other jobs during his tenure at Maryland.

"There were rumors he was going to {the} Houston {Oilers}, then halfway through last year there were rumors he was going to {the University of} Minnesota," Sorna said. "He kept telling us he was not going to leave. But in the back of our minds, we're thinking, 'What's the deal?' "

Ross did resign in early December. Sorna said that it was something of a relief.

"It didn't leave the thought in the back of our minds -- is he going to stay or go," Sorna said. "Coach Krivak has been around the area so long that, win or lose, we know he'll be here behind us. It's exactly the kind of coach this program needs."

Ross could not be reached for comment.

Outside linebacker Mark Walsh, who sprained his ankle Wednesday, will probably be out of action for about a week, trainer J.J. Bush said.

Tailback Arnold Walker, who, like some other players was struggling with stomach flu, was able to practice yesterday.

Wide receiver Azizuddin Abdur-Ra'oof, who ruptured his Achilles' tendon last season, stayed out of part of yesterday morning's practice, but did practice in the afternoon.