Phil Nevin, the University of Maryland basketball player who said earlier this year that Coach Bob Wade was trying to take away his scholarship, said yesterday he has decided not to transfer and will return to school for the start of classes next week. A junior academically, Nevin will retain his scholarship, but will not play on the team.

While Nevin is staying and not playing, sophomore-to-be Andre Reyes is leaving. Wade and Reyes' mother, Bessie Hilton, said last night that the 6-foot-11, 220-pound center has transferred from Maryland, but neither would say where he was headed.

There was speculation that Reyes, who is from Manning, S.C., might transfer to the University of South Carolina. Reyes could not be reached for comment.

"I've decided to stay at Maryland, at least for now," Nevin said. "If I go back and the athletic department and everybody is out to get me, I'll consider transferring then."

But Athletic Director Lew Perkins said, "I promise we're not giving him any trouble. Phil Nevin had the option to stay or go, and his decision was to stay. He will receive room, board, tuition and books."

Nevin, who is from Vandergrift, Pa., said he considered transferring to Millersville (Pa.) University or Gannon, which is located in Erie, Pa.

Wade had said in the spring that there had been a misunderstanding between him and Nevin, and that he wasn't trying to take away his scholarship.

"That is Phil's decision and I respect Phil's decision," Wade said last night.

As for Reyes, Wade said, "He transferred because he felt he would develop better in the new situation. Playing time was very important to him as it is for every other kid."

Reyes played in 23 of 26 games last year, averaging 6.9 minutes and 1.0 points per game.

A 6-foot-11, 250-pound center, Nevin played in 13 of 26 games last season for a total of 38 minutes. Nevin's scholarship will count as one of the 15 allowed under NCAA rules.

He was recruited by former Terrapins Coach Charles (Lefty) Driesell. Nevin said he had been discussing the situation with Perkins, but had not talked to Wade recently.

"I don't want any more than I was promised when I first went to Maryland," Nevin said.

"They promised I would live in nice quarters, have books, room and board and tuition. I feel like it's not my decision. Coach Wade said he didn't want me to play. It's not like I quit.

"It was Coach Wade's decision, and I'm kind of at his mercy and I don't like that."

Nevin said a major concern is that he will not be allowed to live in Allegany Hall, where he said he had been scheduled to live after filling out the proper papers.

"Coach Wade relocated me on his own," Nevin said.

Of the dormitory issue, Perkins said, "I can't guarantee where housing will be for a particular person, especially after just being notified today {yesterday} that he was coming back."

Earlier this summer, David Gregg, who had been suspended from the team for a year for his involvement in the Len Bias affair, said he would be transferring from Maryland. So Maryland will have 14 players on scholarship for this school year, including Nevin.

The scholarship players returning to the squad from last year's team are Dave Dickerson, Steve Hood, John Johnson, Mark Karver, Derrick Lewis, Teyon McCoy and Greg Nared.

Keith Gatlin, who withdrew from school for most of last year, will return to school and the team. Tony Massenburg, who was suspended for allegedly cheating on an exam, will also return.

Rodney Walker, a transfer from Syracuse, will also be a member, as will three incoming freshmen.