TORONTO, AUG. 29 -- Cuba's Juan Lemus stopped world welterweight champion Kenneth Gould of the United States with a powerful right to the head in the first round tonight as Cuban fighters won 10 of 12 finals at the North American amateur boxing championships.

Two Canadians, light middleweight Dan Sherry and super heavyweight Lennox Lewis, averted a Cuban sweep. Sherry outbrawled Orestes Solano and Lewis beat Jorge Gonzalez, avenging a loss Sunday at the Pan American Games.

"He just walked into one," U.S. head coach Roosevelt Sanders said of Gould, who lost to Lemus a fourth straight time. "It was after a break. He dropped his hands and walked into a right."

Other Cuban winners were light flyweight Juan Torres, flyweight Adalberto Regalado, bantamweight Manuel Martinez, featherweight Arnaldo Mesa, lightweight Julio Gonzales, light welterweight Candelario Duvergel, middleweight Angel Espinosa in a walkover, light heavyweight Pablo Romero and heavyweight Felix Savon.

The Cuban boxing team was 36-2 in winning 10 of 12 gold medals at this month's Pan Am Games.The 24 boxers here were picked on Pan Am performance. Only two U.S. fighters, however, were here because of injuries and a hectic schedule. The 12 winners go to the World Cup, Oct. 24-Nov. 1 in Belgrade.