Washington Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke has been in contact with John F. Herrity, chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, about the possibility of building a domed football stadium in Fairfax County.

"Yes, I've spoken with Jack Herrity," Cooke said last night from Los Angeles. "He seems like a first-class fellow. But that's as far as it went . . . No, I would not be opposed to putting a stadium there. I want to emphasize that I would much prefer to remain in the District of Columbia. But I am not averse to going to one of the counties I spoke about at the Welcome Home Luncheon {last Friday}."

At the luncheon, Cooke reiterated his call for a domed stadium in the Washington area that would seat 70,000 to 75,000. He also mentioned Prince William, Fairfax and Loudoun counties in Virginia and Montgomery and Prince George's in Maryland as suitable locations for a new stadium.

Herrity, describing himself as a "Redskin fan since I was 8 years old," said last night he is not necessarily interested in moving the Redskins to his county, but rather was "more interested in them staying in the Washington metropolitan area. I'm going to try to make sure that happens. We're going to get some folks together throughout the region and see what direction we have to go to. The Redskins are a regional team, and that's what I'm concerned about.

"I've read where 35 to 40 percent of their ticketholders come from Fairfax County. I'm extremely interested in exploring the possibilities, whether it's Fairfax County, or Prince William, or anywhere else . . . If, down the road, it was determined that Fairfax County is the best location, it would have to be done after a land use study. It would have to follow the normal procedures, just like anything else."

Herrity also indicated financing of a new stadium could not be provided by the county. "I don't know of any money available in Fairfax County for that kind of venture," he said.

Both Cooke and Herrity said they would talk again soon. Cooke said he probably will be in California another week and will speak to Herrity when he returns.

"I've had a lot of calls," Cooke said. "Let's leave it at that."