BUFFALO, SEPT. 3 -- Buffalo Mayor James Griffin said he would like to give away the wooden seats at War Memorial Stadium to other cities before the 50-year-old ballpark is torn down.

Griffin said Wednesday he wants to give the seats to places that need seats for municipal stadiums. Offering seats to citizens might create "a deluge" of requests that would be too difficult to handle, the mayor said.

The 46,000-seat War Memorial Stadium, where the film "The Natural" was filmed, is to be demolished in favor of a new baseball stadium in downtown Buffalo. The new park is scheduled to open next spring.

Griffin said he's agreed to donate 5,000 seats to Batavia, home for a Class A New York-Penn minor league team. Municipalities that would get the seats would have to pick them up, Griffin said.

In Niagara Falls, Councilman Frank Soda said it seemed like a good idea to put some new seats at Sal Maglie Stadium, where fans sit on concrete slabs.

Buffalo Common Council Majority Leader James Pitts said the council must approve any plan for removing seats. He said the council will review all remaining equipment at War Memorial Stadium before any decisions are made. He said it may be possible to use seats and other equipment at other Buffalo facilities or sell them for profit.