CHARLOTTESVILLE, SEPT. 7 -- Were this the NFL, the bumper stickers would be rolling off the presses:

"I root for the Cavaliers and I like Scott," one half would say.

"I root for the Cavaliers and I like Shawn," the other half would say.

However, this is not the NFL. Thus, Virginia's quarterback hubbub is not a quarterback controversy -- at least not yet.

Why not? Because Coach George Welsh said so.

"I don't know how many times I have to keep repeating this, he {Scott Secules} has the job," Welsh snapped today at his weekly news conference.

Last Monday, Welsh said he planned to start Secules, a fifth-year senior from Chantilly High School, in the Cavaliers' season opener at Georgia, but that he also planned to give Shawn Moore, a redshirt freshman, some playing time -- with the following proviso: "If Secules takes the team on two long drives for touchdowns right away, though, obviously we're not going to change then. There's no set plan about how or when to use him {Moore}."

By Saturday, Welsh's thoughts must have changed.

Virginia's second and third possessions began at its 20. They ended in the Bulldogs' end zone on passes of 56 and 29 yards from Secules to wide receiver John Ford. Virginia led, 14-0.

On the Cavaliers' fourth possession, Secules, who is basically a drop-back quarterback, was replaced by Moore, who is basically an option quarterback. Virginia tried three plays and punted. Georgia then drove for a field goal.

Re-enter Secules. Three plays later, exit Secules -- courtesy of an interception off a tipped ball. Four plays after that, Georgia's Lars Tate ran 28 yards for the first of his two touchdowns. The score was 14-10. The Bulldogs had neutralized Virginia's momentum.

In the second half, they gained some momentum of their own, 250 yards rushing, a 30-14 lead and a 30-22 victory.

After the game, Secules said: "I couldn't figure it out." And a story in Sunday's editions of The (Charlottesville) Daily Progress was headlined "UVa's Secules Upset With Welsh's Timing."

Today Welsh said: "I had decided that Shawn Moore had performed well {in the preseason} and deserved to play. I wanted to put him in in the first half and if I hadn't put him in then, I may never have put him in."

Welsh said today, as he did Saturday, that he felt the quarterback change had nothing to do with the game's outcome. "I don't think that had anything to do with us giving up 250 yards rushing in the second half," he said. "Also, at that point, I think I had substituted everybody, anyway. We had a new offensive line out there when we scored the second touchdown. . . . Secules is the No. 1 quarterback, but that doesn't mean he has to play every play."

Welsh went on to criticize the gathered media: "You people create the controversy," he said. "Before I finish my career I think I'm going to go back to the single wing, so the quarterback doesn't matter."

And therein lies the question. Does it matter if a team uses two quarterbacks? Welsh seems to think not. Secules and Moore seem to think, well, that it's best to be diplomatic.

"I probably should not have even talked about it," Secules said today. "What I should have said is that Shawn needs to play because it's important to the future of this football team. It's something I would have preferred not to have seen in the paper {The Daily Progress}. The word 'upset' stuck out like a sore thumb. That really came across poorly and part of it was my doing. I'd like to apologize, almost. I don't think it {the headline} was very representative of how I felt."

Secules said he met with Welsh on Sunday because, "I felt I had a responsibility to go talk to him and clear it, and I felt we took care of it."

Moore, after acknowledging that he was "a little surprised" that he entered Saturday's game when he did, was asked what he would have thought of the switch had he been in Secules' position. "I don't know," he replied. "I can't relate to that."

He could relate to starting, though. "Anybody would like to be starting," he said.

Stay tuned.