The members of Maryland's reshuffled offensive line and the team's coaches were talking yesterday about the need to be more aggressive, a trait sorely lacking in a 25-11 loss to Syracuse on Saturday.

"I felt we had 10 offensive linemen and we felt comfortable with them," Coach Joe Krivak said. "If we can keep them fresh and keep banging way, it would be to our advantage {to use them all}. We played them. The question was: How physical were they? I think we were the bangee rather than the banger."

Maryland (0-1) gained 18 yards on 17 carries in the first half. It was difficult to assess the play of the running backs because frequently they had nowhere to go. It wasn't so much blown assignments, as it was that "we didn't play hard and we just got beat," said offensive line coach John Zernhelt.

"We just didn't get after them," said Mark Agent, who was moved from starting left tackle to back-up center in the shakeup. "Our goal is to be known as a physical offensive line. We didn't have our minds on matching them and they made us look real bad."

Agent was replaced by Ben Jefferson. The only man staying in the same spot on the depth chart was center and captain Bill Hughes, although he, too, was not spectacular Saturday. Richard Nelson, who had started at right guard, moved to left guard. Dave Amend, who had been slowed in preseason by a hamstring pull, moved up to right guard. And Clarence Jones moved up to right tackle, ahead of John Sorna.

Agent was moved to center in part because he weighs just 243 pounds, while Jefferson is about 317.

"He has great feet and comes off the ball real well," Krivak said of the 6-foot-6 Agent. "Bill's performance wasn't as good as it should've been. Mark, because of his upper body, had trouble with the bigger linemen and maybe he is better suited to play center. We have what would seem like more physical size out at tackle {Jefferson}. We'll have to see if that's the case."

Agent, who said he was very disappointed with his play Saturday, said he was "excited" about the move to center "because I think I can be pretty good."

Jones is a 6-6, 240-pound redshirt freshman from Central Islip, N.Y. He was in for four plays in Maryland's second game last season, then broke his wrist and was given an extra year through a medical redshirt.

Running back Mike Anderson, who was diagnosed in July as having leukemia, did not meet with university officials yesterday concerning clearance to resume contact drills. Anderson, who indicated Monday he would meet with the group yesterday, instead visited Dr. Edward Lee at the University of Maryland Cancer Center in Baltimore, according to Dr. Stephen Fahey of the University of Maryland Health Service.

Fahey said yesterday that he would probably meet today with Anderson. After Anderson has another set of tests, Fahey said, a meeting with doctors, trainers, administrators and family members would be scheduled for late this week or early next week to set a timetable for when Anderson might begin contact drills.

Although the process of gaining clearance to play might take a bit longer than first thought, Anderson is still expected to be cleared to play sometime this season.

Former Maryland linebacker Chuck Faucette was in College Park yesterday after being released Monday by the New York Giants. "They usually keep eight linebackers, but they decided to keep an extra running back so they only kept seven," Faucette said of the Giants, who have probably the best linebacking corps in the National Football League. Faucette said his agent, Tony Agnone, was talking with several teams, including Green Bay and Miami.