The Washington Redskins are considering using injured quarterback Jay Schroeder as their holder on extra points and field goals Sunday, although there still is a possibility he may go on the injured-reserve list.

Schroeder, who sprained his right shoulder last Sunday but returned later in the game to hold on placements, was expected to miss three or four weeks and appeared likely to be placed on injured reserve, which means he would miss a minimum of four games.

But on the team's injury report, he was listed as "doubtful," not "out" of the Redskins' game at Atlanta Sunday at 1 p.m. When a player is "doubtful," there is a 25 percent chance he will play. Gibbs continues to say a decision on whether to place Schroeder on injured reserve will be made in a day or so, but if the Redskins believe he might be the holder, he will not be placed on the reserve list.

"There's probably a 25 percent chance right now he'd hold for field goals," Gibbs said.

The Redskins list Eric Yarber, Ricky Sanders and Schroeder as their top three holders for this game. Yarber has held for only one kick as a Redskin -- the extra point during which Jess Atkinson dislocated his left ankle against Philadelphia. Gibbs said he had no dissatisfaction with Yarber's holds, but, clearly, the Redskins are concerned about this area of their kicking game.

"If Jay can get his arm up and everything, I've been talking to him that he may hold for field goals. This is unless we feel Eric has worked enough with Ali {Haji-Sheikh, the team's new kicker} to the point where they feel more comfortable. But, with Jay, I think maybe he could do that," Gibbs said.

Gibbs, who complained after Atkinson's injury that kickers are vulnerable under current rules, placed calls to NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle and Supervisor of Officials Art McNally to talk about the problem. Asked if he also is concerned about injuries involving the holder, Gibbs said, "I think the kicker's in jeopardy. Hopefully we're not going to start teeing off on the holder, too. Where Jay could hurt himself right now is getting solidly hit on his shoulder or trying to throw the football. He's not going to do either one of those. He'll be taped up and what he would do is hold. I'm thinking right now if there's a chance he can do that, then maybe that's the one thing he might do."

Doug Williams and Babe Laufenberg, the Redskins' top two quarterbacks, have not had experience holding on kicks.

The Redskins listed center Russ Grimm (strained back) as questionable for the game, which means he has a 50-50 chance of playing. He didn't practice yesterday, Gibbs said, but Grimm said he will try to practice today.

Grimm thinks his chances of playing are greater than 50-50. "I think I can play," he said.

Defensive end Dexter Manley (partially torn right knee ligament) is expected to play on passing downs Sunday, Gibbs said. Markus Koch, playing with a torn tendon in his left ring finger, will start, Gibbs said.

Cornerback Tim Morrison (bruised calf and ankle) practiced with the second-team defense and likely will play Sunday, but behind Barry Wilburn, who played well as a starter against the Eagles and is expected to start again.

Gibbs said running backs Keith Griffin, Kelvin Bryant and Timmy Smith alternated in practice. Bryant is expected to play much as he did last week, when he ran seven times for 32 yards and had four passes thrown to him (he dropped three of them and caught only one for 34 yards).

Griffin is expected to start against the Falcons, and Bryant said he thought that was a good decision. "Keith can run the ball pretty good so I think it makes pretty good sense," Bryant said.

However, he said he would like to start sometime. "I hope it happens. I feel pretty good about running the ball. I would like to run it more. If they want me to start, I'll be there to start. I guess right now they want to keep me fresh for second and third down," Bryant said.