The District of Columbia Baseball Commission voted yesterday to continue to recommend that the Armory Board approve an RFK Stadium refurbishment plan.

The commission, with Mayor Marion Barry present for its meeting, indicated that such a resolution was necessary because of talk of a new stadium for the football Redskins.

"We just wanted to reaffirm our position that these changes {to enable the seating configuration to be adapted for baseball} should be made," Commission Chairman Frank Smith said. "We want to try to get in shape for the 1989 season. We think we ought to go through with that regardless of what is happening with the negotiations between Mayor Barry and Mr. Cooke {Jack Kent Cooke, owner of the Redskins}."

Starplex (Stadium/Armory) General Manager Jim Dalrymple said the refurbishments would take six to nine months. To be ready for the 1989 season, the $6 million to $7 million project must begin at the close of the current NFL season. It cannot begin if the Stadium-Armory Board, chaired by the mayor, has not approved a refurbishment plan by early October, Dalrymple said.

"The worst thing . . . " Commissioner Clifford Gaskins said, "is for us not to be ready when {baseball's owners} are ready {to expand}."