Bill Savage, the coordinator of physical education and athletics for the Fairfax County public schools, said yesterday the county's Fire and Rescue Department will attempt to provide ambulance units at every varsity and junior varsity football game in the future.

"A request was made by the high school principals to the Fire Department for rescue units to be available but we realize they can't accommodate every school," Savage said. "They said they will provide as many units as possible. However, an EMT {emergency medical technician} will be present at each game. They will assist the school athletic trainer and will have a radio to contact the fire or rescue services for quicker response if needed."

The county is trying to provide better service because of the injury that has left Stuart football player John Avila in a coma and in critical condition at Alexandria Hospital with a life-threatening brain injury.

Avila was hurt Sept. 11 in the Stuart-Edison game and underwent a 4 1/2-hour operation to relieve pressure on the left side of his brain. There has been little improvement in Avila's condition.

An ambulance crew and a physician were at Edison and provided care to Avila when he collapsed.

"Previously, these rescue units on hand at games were mainly there on a volunteer basis," Savage said. "It's ideal to have them at every game because they will provide the best services. We will have to pay for the EMT personnel. Of course, each school has a certified athletic trainer. We just want to provide the best possible services for any student injured."