Chicago Cubs General Manager Dallas Green has told fans the blame for the team's flop rests with the players. The way at least one player sees it, Green can find the villain by looking into a mirror.

"I don't really feel like he's done anything," catcher Jody Davis said after the Cubs played their last home game Sunday. "He gets rid of a pitcher {Steve Trout} in July who {had just thrown} two straight shutouts, and then he says we quit?

"This spring Andre {Dawson, now a leading MVP candidate} was begging him to play and then he had to sign for nothing just to play here," Davis added.

Davis' angry remarks came one day after Green said he wanted to apologize to Cubs fans for the team's fold into last place after hanging above .500 much of the year.

"The reason I have to apologize is because we quit with a capital Q, Q-U-I-T. There is no other explanation for it, I defy anybody to come up with a better explanation," Green told the Chicago Tribune.

"For the last month, all the players have been talking about is their hunting and fishing trips and the damn cruises. They forgot we had another month to play. No, they didn't forget. They didn't care."