NEW YORK -- Now that Eric Davis, Howard Johnson, Joe Carter and Darryl Strawberry have crowded the 30-30 club, they are looking for a new place.

Entering 1987, there were only six players in major league history who had hit 30 home runs and stolen 30 bases in the same season.

Cleveland coach Bobby Bonds, who did it a record five times, says there's a good chance someone will start a 40-40 club soon.

"When I think of 40-40, I think two people: Joe Carter and Eric Davis," Bonds said. "If they put together the kind of years they're capable of, there's no doubt they can do it."

Before Carter, Bonds was the last American League player to reach both figures in the same season when he did it in 1978 with the Chicago White Sox and Texas.

"I've talked to Bobby quite a bit about the 30-30 club," Carter said. "He says we are the King and I of the 30-30 club. He is the King and I am the I."

Last season, Carter drove in 121 runs for Cleveland, tops in the American League.

"I think Joe's just scratching the surface of becoming the ballplayer he can be," Indians Manager Doc Edwards said. "There's no doubt he can steal at least 30 every year."

The charter member of the 30-30 club was Ken Williams of the St. Louis Browns. He led the league with 39 homers and stole 37 bases in 1922. Others to do it prior to this season were Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Tommy Harper and Dale Murphy.

There are several players who are close to entering the 30-30 club this season. .

Philadelphia's Juan Samuel has 28 homers and 34 stolen bases. Cincinnati's Kal Daniels, who spent time on the disabled list with a knee injury, has 26 homers and 26 steals.

Pittsburgh's Barry Bonds has shown this year he may someday join his father in the club, by hitting 23 homers and stealing 28 bases.

It seems with baseball turning from pitching and defense to slugging and speed, the 30-30 club will soon lose its exclusive rating, and 40-40 will be the password to prestige.

"The three guys that I'm familiar with I know for sure are legitimate. Joe Carter's legitimate and Eric Davis is legitimate," the elder Bonds said.

On Monday, Strawberry of the New York Mets stole his 30th base and joined Johnson as the only teammates to enter the 30-30 club.

"Strawberry was predicted to be this kind of player. . . when he came into the league and maybe he's just now maturing," Bonds said. "Those three guys are doing nothing outside of their capabilities."

Strawberry has improved during the second half of the season and has set a club single-season record with 38 homers.

"It's just my time, that's all," Strawberry said. "No time for sitting down, no time to be sick, no time to be injured. It's time to hit and be serious."

Many were unsure if Johnson's time would ever come. He was a platoon player last season and found himself on the bench in the World Series last year in favor of Ray Knight.