Jim Dalrymple, general manager of the D.C. Armory Board, said the various unions that work for RFK Stadium are prohibited by law from striking because they are members of the public employes union. This union includes security and crowd control employes, ushers, engineers, electricians and the field maintenance crew.

"We are really not concerned at this point, because all of our full-time employes are working," Dalrymple said of the possibility that stadium workers will honor a picket line of striking NFL players Sunday at the stadium.

The 600 stadium concession vendors represented by the Food and Beverage Union Local 32, however, are not employes of the stadium. They are hired by the stadium from B & B Caterers.

The local met last night to determine whether it would honor the picket line, according to Local 32 President Minor Christian. If the vendors do not work, they will collectively lose about $54,000 per game, he said.

The local met with the NFLPA last week. "They're asking us to put everything on hold," Christian said. "They're cognizant of the fact that these are low-wage people."

A decision on whether to honor the picket line, Christian said, is complicated by the fact that many of the vendors are high school students who use the money to help defray living expenses. "We're in a worse dilemma than the NFL players are," he said.