Jeryl Stewart resigned as head football coach at Suitland High School over the weekend, citing a lack of support from the school's principal and athletic director.

Stewart, a carpentry teacher at the school, was in his second year as head coach.

"We made a number of changes in my first year {1986} and finished 3-7. That was more games than Suitland had won in seven years but I was still told I would not be rehired for this season," Stewart said. "But they couldn't find a replacement and I was given another year with the understanding if I had a good season I would be considered for a third season.

"It turned out the only way I would be back was to get the team in the playoffs. Hey, Suitland hasn't been in the playoffs in 35 years. Just what is wrong with winning four, then five?"

Stewart turned in his resignation just before coaching against Oxon Hill Saturday. Suitland lost, 34-0, and fell to 1-3 on the season.

"I have yet to get clarification from the principal {Joseph Hairston} as to why I was being replaced in the beginning," Stewart said. "I decided to quit because of several factors, one being a bi-weekly evaluation by Hairston and the athletic director, Pat Costello. I was told to bring my game films in so they could watch and evaluate me."

Costello, in his first year as athletic director, said he knew nothing about last year's situation and has not seen any of the team's films of any games this season.

"It's tough getting films of games. I know I haven't seen any," Costello said. "Other things, I cannot comment on because I don't know about them. I know Jeryl chose to resign. We were expecting him to fulfill his contract this year and he resigned. We asked him to reconsider and he said he could not.

"We are trying to run a well-rounded program for all the students. I know there was no opposition to his won-loss records. This is high school, not Ohio State."

Hairston could not be reached for comment.

Stewart said he was told to do the best he could until another coach could be found. "When we were 1-1, I find out the only way I would return was to get in the playoffs," he said. "I didn't think it was fair. And then, they come up with this evaluation. I can't work under those circumstances."

Stewart said assistant Stanley Hall will be interim head coach for the remainder of the season.