A day after the firing of General Manager Hank Peters, the Baltimore Orioles began a new era yesterday, with core staff members spending the day in meetings and on the telephone.

Doug Melvin, the interim farm director, was unavailable to reporters for a second straight day as he began the process of putting together what essentially will be a new scouting staff.

Melvin, 34, is believed interested in hiring several new scouts, many of them now employed by other teams. He also will consult with the major league coaching staff and others about coaches and managers on the minor league staffs.

As this was being done, owner Edward Bennett Williams began his search for a couple of new employees, possibly even a general manager (if Melvin doesn't get the job). Several persons have been mentioned for the job, most prominently San Diego General Manager Jack McKeon, former Montreal general manager Murray Cook and Orioles coach Frank Robinson.

Two sources said yesterday that highly-thought-of Minnesota Twins scout Bob Gebhard may also be under consideration.

Meanwhile, Peters began the business of cleaning out his office at Memorial Stadium and considering his future.

"I've spent the day on the telephone," Peters said. "I've had a deluge of calls from people who've been calling out of concern and interest. I feel fine today, and that's all I can say. It's one of those things that's over and done with now."

Peters said he has not been approached about a new job.

"I'm not saying what I'm geared up to do," he said. "I'm not going to rush into anything. I'm going to examine things. I guess if time accumulated counts as vacation time I've got the next two years off, which is how long my contract runs.

"I've never taken a vacation and really hadn't taken many days off. We've been through a few of these things. They're never enjoyable, but this one, because of the circumstances, was especially tough."