Oklahoma football coach Barry Switzer said the practice of coaches exchanging game tickets for the use of cars is something that goes on at all major colleges.

Switzer made the comments in an interview with United Press International after Cable News Network reported coaches of the top-ranked Sooners were driving cars obtained through the ticket swaps.

Switzer said dealerships across Oklahoma provide cars to coaches in all sports programs at the university in exchange for priority seating tickets purchased by coaches.

"There isn't an assistant coach in a major program in the country who doesn't drive a car given to him by a dealership," Switzer said. "Every major college program in America probably has a car donor program. We've had one here at Oklahoma for all 22 years I've been here."

Switzer said the NCAA has no authority over what coaches do with their own money or tickets. "It has nothing to do with the NCAA," he said. "I'm not an NCAA athlete. Car dealers are not governed by the NCAA. The coaches aren't, either." . . .

Seven Atlantic Coast Conference soccer teams will gather at Duke in November for the league's first tournament, league officials announced. The tournament, which ensures a berth in the NCAA Division I tournament for the champion, will begin Nov. 5 with three games. The semifinals are scheduled for Nov. 6 and the championship game for Nov. 8 at 1 p.m. Of the ACC schools, only Georgia Tech does not participate in soccer.