Murray Cook is the Cincinnati Reds' general manager in place of fired Bill Bergesch.

Cook, 46, was the Montreal Expos' general manager from Sept. 5, 1984, until he resigned this Aug. 11. He had worked with Bergesch in the New York Yankees organization and before that directed the Pittsburgh Pirates' farm system. Bergesch came to Cincinnati three years ago after serving as vice president of baseball operations for the Yankees for five years.

Bergesch was criticized for choosing not to trade any young stars for pitching while the San Francisco Giants made several major deals on their way to overtaking the Reds and consigning them to a third straight second-place finish in the NL West.

Manager Pete Rose sat at the rear of the room during the Tampa, Fla., news conference at which majority owner Marge Schott introduced Cook, then later said he expects he and Cook will have to do some compromising.

"I've always picked the players," Rose said. "I've never had a general manager tell me to take a player. I heard him say it is his job to put the players on the field. I don't know if I agree with that 100 percent. His job is at stake, but so is mine. There will have to be some compromise."

Cook, who jokingly said he had a long-term contract -- "day-to-day" -- said, "Pete and I haven't had a chance to talk yet."