Maryland Coach Joe Krivak said yesterday quarterback Dan Henning will start Saturday when the Terrapins visit Wake Forest (5-0) in hopes of ending their two-game losing streak. After his team's 46-16 loss to Miami, Krivak said he might consider starting Neil O'Donnell, who played in the fourth quarter against the Hurricanes.

"Maybe if the situation is right, there may be a time to put Neil in the game," Krivak said at his weekly news conference. "But does that mean I've given up on Dan Henning? No. Does that mean I'm replacing Dan Henning? No. Does that mean that if we're not moving, maybe I'll put Neil in a little earlier? Yes."

Krivak said he would not alternate quarterbacks. "If you make a change and you get moving, that guy will play," Krivak said. "You can't take a guy out when he's playing well."

Krivak said there are several Terrapins sore or sick whose practice time may be restricted this week. Outside linebacker Sean Scott has an infected wisdom tooth, offensive left tackle John Sorna has a sore foot and center Bill Hughes has the flu.

A good part of Saturday's loss was attributable to poor play by the special teams. Krivak said that with the team 2-3 and six games left, more starters would play on special teams. "There's no use saving anybody for the senior prom," Krivak said.

Meanwhile, Miami Coach Jimmy Johnson reacted yesterday to Maryland Athletic Director Lew Perkins' statement that Maryland would not play Miami again as long as Perkins was athletic director. Perkins said he thought Miami ran up the score when it threw a three-yard touchdown pass with 11 seconds left in the game Saturday night.

Johnson noted that the Terrapins had no games scheduled with the Hurricanes, anyway, and added: "If we would have eliminated all the teams on our schedule who ran up the score when I was at Oklahoma State, we wouldn't have had anybody left."