For nearly four weeks, the replacement Washington Redskins have done virtually everything together. They live at the same hotel. They eat breakfast together. They have meetings. They eat lunch together. They practice. They eat dinner together. They hang out and kill time together. They even have an 11 p.m. curfew together.

"I kinda thought I was a little bit old for going to bed at that hour," wide receiver Anthony Allen said with a laugh. "I haven't gone to bed that early since I was . . . Shoot, I don't know how long it's been -- except for training camp, of course."

In a way training camp is what the past 24 days have been like for the replacements, only more intense, faster and better.

"To tell you the truth when we first got together, I didn't know what to expect," defensive tackle Dan Benish said. "And going into the first game I expected that there would be a lot of penalties and turnovers, that it would be very disorganized.

"But I'll tell you, it's been anything but like that. Things have really jelled together. It's been great. There's a bunch of guys here that I've become good, good friends with. Like today we were saying that we have to get something organized so we can have a reunion next year or every five years, or have an annual scab touch football game."

With yesterday's announcement that NFL rosters will be expanded to 85 players for next week, those plans might go on hold for a while. But you get the idea. This group of near total strangers has become a team.

"It's been amazing," Coach Joe Gibbs said. "In such a condensed period of time, these guys have developed that kind of chemistry, that closeness. You can tell from the way they chirp at each other on the field and from the way that they kid each other when they're together."

A scene: 5-foot-9, 178-pound running back Von Allen is having a game ball autographed by various members of the team. Allen watches closely as each player carefully affixes his name to the ball.

"A piece of history there," he says proudly. "Gonna put that on my mantle."

Finally, the ball comes to 6-5, 275-pound defensive tackle Tyrone McGriff. He does some hasty and huge scribbling and hands the ball back to Allen.

"Hey, man, how am I gonna be able to read that," Allen demands of McGriff.

McGriff, who had been with the team only a week, just smiled.

"The one you won't be able to read, that's me."

Said running back Walter Holman, who had been involved with new teams in the U.S. Football League and in Arena Football, "I knew right from the first practice that this was going to be a great bunch of guys. This is the first team like this I've been on where everybody is taking winning really seriously and everybody wants to give 110 percent all the time."

Gibbs said that kind of attitude has helped the team's development.

"Football players respect guys who are good football players, who play well and try hard," Gibbs said. "We've got a bunch of guys who are like that. Bobby {Beathard, the Redskins' general manager} and his scouts didn't just grab at people. They talked with people who were knowledgeable of what these guys were like as players and as people."

However, the best people in the world will have a hard time getting along if they don't do what they are being paid to do, which in this case is win.

"There's nothing that brings a team together more than a win," Anthony Allen said.

"A team is like a person," Gibbs said. "When it feels good about itself, it does a lot better and it gains confidence. And success has a lot to do with how a team feels about itself."

Said Gibbs: "I've got a really good feeling for all of these guys. I think it's still a little early to tell about which of them will end up making it, but I hope all of them end up doing well."

Redskins Notes: Two more players have been added to the roster: defensive tackle Henry Waechter and cornerback Gary Thompson. Waechter, 29, is 6-5, 275 pounds and in his sixth year since leaving Nebraska.

Thompson, 28, is 6-0, 180 and played two years at College of the Redwoods in Eureka, Calif. He also played for the Buffalo Bills.