MINNEAPOLIS, OCT. 16 -- St. Louis Manager Whitey Herzog dropped a bit more evidence in the collusion case against baseball owners this afternoon and, in his usual style, he didn't do it accidentally.

Major league rules state that teams may carry 25 players on their rosters, but two years ago, just about the time free agency died, teams began carrying 24. Every owner and general manager said it was simply his team's option to carry 24 players, and that they could go to 25 any day they wanted.

But when playoff rosters had to be set Aug. 31, Herzog wanted to add a 25th man to the Cardinals' roster. He said the 25th man would be injured first baseman Jack Clark, and that Clark wouldn't put on a uniform until he was healthy. At that time, another player would be dropped.

"They said I was breaking the rule," Herzog said. "I said I'm not breaking any rule, but they said it was. It was a common sense deal, and it wouldn't cost anyone any money."

When pressed on who "they" were, he said, "Everybody I asked." Presumably, he means the Cardinals front office and the National League office.

Baseball Commissioner Peter Ueberroth was traveling to the World Series today and unavailable for comment.

Still Mad About '85

Herzog still is angry at Ueberroth that he wasn't allowed to make a roster change during the 1985 World Series when the Cardinals were caught a man short because of Vince Coleman's ankle injury. Herzog was refused permission to remove Coleman from the roster and replace him with someone from inside his organization.

He later met with Ueberroth and was told the rule would be changed.

"That was two years ago at the winter meetings in San Diego," Herzog said. "It hasn't been. They've had too many other important things to take care of, like marketing and making sure we didn't chew tobacco and spit." . . .

Will the Cardinals miss Clark and Terry Pendleton? They hit a combined .287 this season and had 47 homers and 202 RBI. The three players at the bottom of the order in Game 1 hit a combined .240 with five homers and 32 RBI.

Tunnell Added for Clark

The Cardinals added right-handed pitcher Lee Tunnell (4-4, 4.84 ERA) today to replace Clark. . . .

The American League has been represented by a record seven teams in the last seven World Series. . . .

Cardinals rookie Jim Lindeman and Twins center fielder Kirby Puckett played together at Bradley University in the early '80s. "He was a real good player at Bradley," Lindeman said, "but he had weaknesses that he has corrected. He's developed home run power. He's always been a good runner and a good center fielder." . . .

The Cardinals' Joe Magrane is the first rookie to start a World Series Game 1 since Bob Walk started for the Philadelphia Phillies in 1980.