To the replacement Redskins: I wish I could thank each of you personally.

You came in here under difficult circumstances, put yourselves on the line and gave it your all. You played well and put on a good show. It was the "Rocky" story applied to football. We will long remember it. I hope each of you gets the career break you deserve.

To the regular Redskins: Guys, you walked off the job with the big games coming up. Once you backed off free agency, you were apparently striking for fringe benefits that may comprise 15 percent of your on-field and off-field income.

A 20 percent improvement in fringe benefits would net you a 3 percent gain overall, while you've already lost 30 percent in salary. You will probably end up with the same settlement you had without striking.

So what was the strike about, if not just an attempt by your union leadership to enhance its own power?

A majority of people, including fans, are quick to support worthwhile causes, but this isn't one of them.

Do not be surprised if it takes a long time for you to regain the full esteem and devotion of the fans you had before the strike.

Robert L. Thompson


Tossing, Turning

I am a well-adjusted, well-balanced and secure person, but lately I have been unable to sleep because of worrying about crucial events I am faced with each day. I do not worry about such mundane things as the Contra hearings, Judge Bork, the War Powers Act, Middle East confrontations and the decline in moral integrity displayed by some of our presidential candidates. I have been able to deal with the mysterious disappearances of Judge Crater, Jimmy Hoffa, Bowie Kuhn and, more recently, Pete Rozelle.

I think what is causing me to toss and turn at night is the frightening thought that there are people out there who are being forced to accept an average of $230,000 a year for a full eight months of extremely hard labor while the rest of us have it so easy.

A. Austin Knight