The New York Yankees will ask a judge today in Bronx Supreme Court to void their lease at Yankee Stadium in a move that would enable the team to leave the city, according to the Newark Star-Ledger. The Yankees are bitter about delays in the lease-extension process that centers on creation of additional parking space.

Last week, a New York state court issued a partial summary judgment on a Yankees lawsuit, ruling that New York City, which owns Yankee Stadium, has not fulfilled the terms of the lease with respect to parking.

Neither Yankees officials nor New York City Deputy Mayor Robert Esnard would confirm the report the franchise would seek a motion today voiding the lease. Esnard said a Friday negotiating session between team and city was not marked by frustration or antagonism and that the process of keeping the team in the Bronx was on schedule.

The sides are renegotiating the team's 30-year lease on the stadium, signed in 1973, which has two five-year renewal options that the Yankees may exercise. The city and New York state seek a new contract that would extend well beyond 2002.

In New Jersey, the public will vote Nov. 3 on a bond issue to build a baseball stadium at the Meadowlands complex.