CHICAGO, OCT. 29 -- Dallas Green quit today as president and general manager of the Chicago Cubs because of "philosophical differences" with the Tribune Co., which owns the team.

Most reporters showing up at the hastily called news conference at Wrigley Field thought Green would announce a successor to interim manager Frank Lucchesi. Instead, Green, 53, quit. During his regime, the Cubs won the National League East in 1984, making postseason play for the first time since 1945.

John Madigan, executive vice president of the Tribune Co., said he will run the team until Green is replaced and will let Green's successor pick Lucchesi's replacement.

Green said: "I've been in baseball 30 years now and I know that when philosophical differences pop up, as they will from time to time between ownership and field people, there's only a couple routes to go. One, you get fired or, two, you resign." He wouldn't answer questions.

"We had some differences on the structure of the organization," Madigan admitted. He said Green quit "after a long discussion," and added: "I can't get into details."

The Cubs were contenders last June but finished last in their division. In midseason, the team sent pitcher Steve Trout to the Yankees in a controversial deal.