I agree that baseball should have a playoff system that makes sense. That's exactly why I think the game should keep its playoff structure the way it is now.

Although teams have moved and been added, ballparks torn down and constructed, rules changed and changed back, one principle has remained constant in the majors for more than 100 years -- the team that finishes first is the champion.

Look at the other sports and you begin to appreciate baseball. Only five teams don't make the NHL playoffs and only seven teams miss out on the NBA postseason. Football isn't that bad, but a team like the Patriots can finish third in their division and still make it to the Super Bowl.

But although I believe the method for determining how baseball teams get into the playoffs should not be unchanged, I am not entirely against tinkering with the playoffs.

For example, I wouldn't object if the division winner with the better record got the home field advantage in the League Championship Series or if the World Series was shifted to a neutral warm weather site a la the Super Bowl.

But if the lords of baseball didn't change a thing, I'd be more than pleased.

Edward J. Cunningham Silver Spring

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