If Maryland Coach Joe Krivak already has decided whom to start at quarterback Saturday against Clemson, he isn't telling. If he hasn't made up his mind, he's probably wrestling with a couple of ideas. Would it be better to have the bigger, faster, stronger-armed Neil O'Donnell in the game to minimize Clemson's potent pass rush? Or would it be better to have the more experienced Dan Henning be the one those 80,000 Clemson fans are going to be screaming at when the game starts?

Usually, a player is told Monday whether he will start the following Saturday. Unless there is an injury or a player practices very poorly, the starting assignment usually doesn't change. This week is different.

"I don't know why," Krivak said. "We're going to work both kids and make a decision. I don't think it really hurts either one."

O'Donnell, a redshirt sophomore, started his second collegiate game Saturday, when the Terrapins lost, 21-16, to Penn State. O'Donnell moved the ball well early in the game, but the Terrapins got only field goals out of touchdown opportunities. O'Donnell, who slightly injured his shoulder in the game, played until the end of the third quarter, when Henning went in.

Henning played well in the fourth quarter, leading the Terrapins on a drive culminated by his 18-yard touchdown pass to James Milling that cut Penn State's lead to 21-16. But with just over two minutes left and the Terrapins in possession at their 42, Henning threw right to Penn State linebacker Pete Giftopoulous. That sealed the Terrapins' loss and likely cost Henning a sure start this Saturday.

"Both performed well at times," Krivak said. "And they've done some things we're not real happy with. I'm sure there's nobody that feels worse about that last interception than Dan Henning.

"The idea with a quarterback is that you can never second-guess yourself, never be gun-shy. You'll never be any good if you lose your confidence."

Krivak said last week he thought O'Donnell was best suited for what Maryland wanted to do in its last three games. Now, he may not be so sure.

"Because he {O'Donnell} screwed up quite a few times," Krivak said. "He would come over and say he saw things that I didn't see and we didn't see on film. Dan understands what's going on as much as any quarterback I've ever been around."

Said O'Donnell: "It's a little frustrating at first. But I'm young and I just want the team to do well."