The guest list for the New Year's Day bowl games became virtually complete yesterday, with unbeaten Syracuse prepared to receive a Sugar Bowl invitation and seventh-ranked Notre Dame ready to accept the Cotton Bowl when invitations are formally extended next weekend.

Only the Orange Bowl remained silent, but committee members scheduled a meeting for this morning and were expected to agree on third-ranked Miami as an opponent in a hoped-for national championship game against No. 1 Oklahoma or No. 2 Nebraska.

Orange Bowl officials are hoping the Hurricanes still will be unbeaten on New Year's Day when they face the winner of next week's Nebraska-Oklahoma Big Eight title game.

Miami has asked that it be invited unconditionally to the Orange Bowl, despite two games remaining after its breather against Toledo this Saturday, the NCAA's official bid date: against Notre Dame on Nov. 28 and South Carolina on Dec. 5. A suggested deal with the Cotton Bowl to send the loser of the Fighting Irish-Hurricanes meeting to Dallas fell through last week.

Orange Bowl spokesman Ed Goss said the 16-member committee would meet at 7:30 a.m. today, adding that nothing has been decided. However, with Notre Dame and Syracuse apparently locked into other bowls, Miami would seem to be a foregone conclusion, although there has been some division among the selection committee. Miami Athletic Director Sam Jankovich declined comment.

"I can't speak for 16 different people," Goss said. "There will be a lot of discussion."

Notre Dame could enter into it. Orange Bowl officials visited just two games Saturday: Miami's surprisingly slim 27-13 victory over 1-9 Virginia Tech, and Notre Dame's 37-6 rout of No. 11 Alabama. After the victory in South Bend, students threw oranges, Coach Lou Holtz expressed a preference for the Orange Bowl and representative Jim Barker said he would recommend Notre Dame. He represents just one vote, and the Irish are almost certain to accept the Cotton, albeit unwillingly.

"I'm not sure what the situation is," Holtz said yesterday. "We'd like to play the No. 1 team in the country. But our schedule is very difficult, we have two games left, and I can understand there might be some trepidation. Our decision comes after the bowls extend invitations."

The Cotton Bowl, eager for the presence of Notre Dame's Heisman hopeful Tim Brown, who comes from Dallas, has assured the Irish a bid even if they lose their last two games (Penn State, Miami). Cotton selection president Field Scovell said he expects the Irish to meet the Southwest Conference champion, which will be determined when Texas and Texas A&M meet Thanksgiving Day. He said he has not been contacted further by Orange Bowl officials seeking deals.

"We have some indications they will go our way," Scovell said. "You never can tell, those things do happen, but I'd be very surprised."

The Sugar Bowl indicated its preference by attending just one game, Syracuse's 45-17 victory over Boston College, which makes the Orangemen 9-0 with one game remaining, against West Virginia. Syracuse Athletic Director Jake Crouthamel confirmed the Orangemen intend to accept the invitation to meet the Southeastern Conference champion, which will be decided when Auburn and Alabama meet next week. Auburn would qualify by beating the Crimson Tide; an Alabama win probably would give the invitation to LSU, with which the Tide would share the SEC title.

With a Sugar Bowl victory, if the Orangemen get by West Virginia meantime, they would have gone undefeated and, if none of the top three does likewise, could then stake a national title claim.

"We think everything else takes care of itself," Coach Dick MacPherson said. "We've told {his Syracuse players} that every week, anything you want to dream about, just win all your games."

Another team that can put itself in national championship running is No. 4 Florida State, which is expected to accept a Fiesta Bowl invitation to oppose the Nebraska-Oklahoma loser. The Seminoles' only loss came to Miami, by one point.

In other bowls, Atlantic Coast Conference champion Clemson will go to the Florida Citrus Bowl to meet Penn State. The Gamecocks, still to play Clemson and Miami, are expected to go to the Gator Bowl to meet an SEC team.

Virginia is another ACC team with bowl potential, off its rallying, 20-17 victory over North Carolina. The Cavaliers are being considered by the Independence Bowl.

The Rose Bowl already has Michigan State, the Big Ten champion by virtue of its 27-3 defeat of Indiana. The UCLA (9-1) vs. Southern California (7-3) game in the Coliseum this weekend will determine the Pacific-10 representative.