One week ago, Jay Schroeder was a star quarterback and a rising media star. One week later, he is a reserve quarterback whose media star has dimmed a bit.

Schroeder has contractual commitments for regular appearances with WUSA-TV-9 and WMAL radio. But if Doug Williams continues as the Redskins' starting quarterback, WUSA might reduce Schroeder's role and even look to Williams as an addition.

WUSA has a contract with Schroeder for Monday appearances on the 6 p.m. newscast. "As far as I'm concerned, he'll continue to do that," said Channel 9's news director, Dave Pearce. "My hope is that we'd have someone on playing in the game, too {if Schroeder continues to be a backup}. We haven't spoken to Doug Williams yet. I'd like to have Doug, too, assuming Doug remains the starter."

After Schroeder was replaced by Williams Sunday during the Detroit Lions game, Schroeder broke his commitment to do a postgame show on WMAL. The next day, he was ready to break his commitment to appear on WUSA, but changed his mind after talking with Channel 9 sportscaster Glenn Brenner and others.

"Jay's still our guy," Brenner said. "There's no way Jay Schroeder won't be on our air after every game, regardless of what else we do. We're loyal, through thick and thin. We've been through some thick, now there's a little thin. It's like a marriage -- for better or worse."

As for WMAL, Schroeder apparently will continue to do his three radio spots a week. Earlier this week, WMAL's operations manager, Jim Gallant, said the station "might consider a change" and "might approach Doug to do the show" if the current quarterback situation remained.

But yesterday, WMAL's news director, Len Deibert, said, "We're absolutely committed to Jay." When asked if the station might add Williams to its lineup, Deibert said, "Absolutely not."