It has been quite a while since Washington Redskins running back George Rogers had statistics like these. Against the Giants Sunday, he ran two times for six yards. Rogers is healthy and completely fit to play. Yet he hardly did.

The reason, said Rogers and Coach Joe Gibbs, was that the Redskins decided to start the game running to the outside, and later got so far behind they had to concentrate on passing. In both cases, their running back of choice is Kelvin Bryant. Which means Rogers became a high-priced observer.

Bryant started the game and played most of it until he strained his right hamstring and sprained his right ankle. He gained 45 yards rushing and 36 receiving. His status is "nip and tuck" for next week, Gibbs said. Bryant was replaced not by Rogers, but by Keith Griffin.

"I thought it was a good idea for Kelvin to start," Rogers said. "We wanted to get outside, and Kelvin is the guy who can get outside. Then, when we started slow, we had to pass, and I don't play then."

Rogers was scheduled to start, but Gibbs changed his mind late in the week. "The closer we came to game time, the more I thought that we'd start with some plays that Kelvin was running," Gibbs said. "George will start next week."

Injury Report:

In addition to Bryant's injuries, tackle Mark May sprained his right ankle and right knee, defensive back Vernon Dean bruised his left forearm, linebacker Kurt Gouveia fractured his right hand and defensive lineman Steve Hamilton strained his left hamstring.