While most of the other Washington Bullets players and coaches were decrying what they perceived to be some rather lax officiating in last night's 102-94 loss to the Atlanta Hawks, center Moses Malone held court about not being involved enough in the team's offense.

"We've got 10 guys working hard on offense. Some nights I might get in the offense, others I might not," he said.

"This is the {least} I've been in an offense since I've been in the NBA. I'm getting one shot every six, seven, eight minutes. It's tough. I've never been in this situation before. Even in Philadelphia, if I was zero for 10 in a game, they'd still come to me."

Malone scored 19 points against the Hawks last night. For the season, the 12th-year veteran has averaged 20.3 points, but has made just 84 of 202 field goal attempts -- 41 percent.

Since the start of training camp, Washington Coach Kevin Loughery has stressed the need for balanced scoring. With the addition of forward Bernard King to a lineup already featuring all-star guard Jeff Malone, the Bullets have three potential 20-point scorers.

But none of the three is shooting better than 43 percent. King has taken 200 shots and Jeff Malone 233.

"I think I have to get more aggressive; come down and take the shot when I have it. Laying back and trying to be Magic Johnson ain't gonna work," Moses Malone said. "I've gotta take control of the game and become more involved. We're all working hard, but we're not winning; give me the ball and let me go to work.

"I think I'll get it going. I'll come back. Once I get more involved, I think things will turn around."

Loughery could not be reached for comment.