Moses came down from the fourth row, right to the edge of the Capital Centre court Thursday night -- angered by a foul call against the Washington Bullets, looking for official Ken Mauer. "You stink, you're trash," Moses screamed at the ref. With that, senior official Darrell Garretson requested Moses be removed from the Centre, staff and all.

Not Moses Malone, but Bruce Volat, one of the most visible Bullets' fans, who dressed as Moses -- The Moses -- for the team's game against Atlanta. Volat is the same Bullet fanatic who wore the Fat Lady costume for a while.

"It all started before the game when Garretson said I was getting a little chubby -- I have picked up a few pounds lately -- and I told him his hair was getting gray and thin. And he told me, 'Whatever you do, don't get on the kid.' {Mauer split time last year between the CBA and NBA}.

"But when he called a charging foul against Jeff Malone {instead of a block against Atlanta's John Battle}, I couldn't take it anymore," Volat said. "Now I did come out of the stands, and I set a bad example by doing that. But I'm not embarrassed or upset that I said what I said. When I see my guys get mugged like that . . . If they got mugged in the street like they were against Atlanta, guys would be in jail.

"Well, anyway, Garretson was foaming at the mouth because he had asked me not to get on the kid. Darrell looked like he was going to slug me. I said to him, 'Don't come off the court.' He asked the Capital Centre crew to take me away from the court, and they were very polite about it. He {Garretson} does have that right.

"But I don't understand what I did -- I didn't set foot on the court, and I didn't use profanity. I didn't throw anything."

Volat said he would never do anything not in support of the Bullets. "Maybe God put me on earth to fire my team up," he said.