Maryland Athletic Director Lew Perkins said he and Georgetown Athletic Director Frank Rienzo had agreed to a basketball game between the schools, but the idea was rejected by Hoyas Coach John Thompson, who said yesterday he thinks Perkins "needs to concern himself with the Maryland program . . . instead of trying to run our program."

"Our guy's willing to play," Perkins said of Maryland Coach Bob Wade. "I think it would be great if we can work out the details. We'd like to play Georgetown."

Thompson said he has not discussed such a game with Perkins.

"I haven't given any thought on it, to be honest with you," he said. "I don't remember giving two seconds of thought to playing Maryland. There are a lot of other things that I have to concern myself with."

The agreement apparently was not past the talking stages, with no specific date or site agreed upon. Rienzo was not available for comment yesterday, but Perkins indicated the athletic directors had agreed to try to arrange such a game, provided their coaches supported the idea.

"I think Mr. Perkins needs to concern himself with the Maryland program," Thompson said. "I think he might be a little better off if he concerns himself with what they've got over there instead of trying to run our program. I don't want to go too far."

Georgetown has not played Maryland since 1980, in the second round of the NCAA East Regional, when the Hoyas won, 74-68. Their last regular season contest also came in the 1980 season, an 83-71 Georgetown victory at D.C. Armory. The Hoyas also dropped American University from their schedule this season, the first time the two schools have not played since the 1952-53 season.

"The thing that bothers me about these new athletic directors is that they seem to be more capable of scheduling in the newspapers than they are in talking to me," Thompson said. "Ninety percent of what I've read in the newspapers has never been brought to my attention."

He said lack of attendance at recent Georgetown-Maryland games and Georgetown-American games belied any sense that there was significant local interest in such contests. Last season, the Georgetown-American game at Capital Centre drew 4,960, hardly a breakthrough from the Hoyas' traditionally poor draw for many of their early season games.

"I resent the hell out of these Johnny-come-latelies who just pop into town and they know the area better than me," Thompson said. "I'd like to know where they were all these years when Thompson was looking for something."

He said conference games should take precedence over local games for everyone.

"I would think what should be most important to me is the Big East," Thompson said. "What should be most important to Maryland is the ACC. What should be most important to American is the conference they're in {Colonial Athletic Association}. What should be most important to George Washington is the conference they're in {Atlantic 10}. That's more important than any local game."

Thompson also said he would not schedule any game that isn't in the best interests of Georgetown.

"I work for Georgetown, totally alone," he said. "I've been in Washington 46 years, and none of these schools has ever hired me. And the only consideration I have is to Georgetown. They hired me."