Allen Chin, Anacostia High School athletic director the past 15 years, was named the Interhigh League's interim athletic director yesterday, replacing Otto Jordan, who was reassigned this week.

Deputy Schools Superintendent Andrew Jenkins said yesterday he recommended Chin to Schools Superintendent Floretta D. McKenzie. Chin, an Anacostia High School graduate, will assume the position immediately.

"The position is an interim one and we felt Mr. Chin was the person to step in now," Jenkins said. "We will open the position for all applicants later, but right now, Mr. Chin will replace Mr. Jordan."

Jenkins did not say how long the interim period would last. He also did not say why Jordan was transferred.

Chin, 37, said that during his interview for the job, Jenkins discussed what his duties would be during the football season.

"Maybe that means I'll still be in the job in September, I don't know," said Chin, who teaches history and geography in addition to being athletic director. "I don't look at myself as a lame duck AD. I'm going into the job as if the job is mine. Of course, when the the job is opened, I'll definitely apply."

Jordan, the Interhigh's athletic director since 1972, was removed by McKenzie this week following the release of a task force report detailing numerous league problems.

Jordan was reassigned as supervising director of physical education. Vinna Freeman remains director of physical education, athletics, drugs and safety.

Chin, who holds a PhD from George Washington University, said he was told by Jenkins he would not receive any assistance until September, but that would not diminish his enthusiasm for solving the league's problems.

"I have some things in mind I want to do, such as improve the lack of communication that exists between the AD's office and the schools," Chin said. "That problem, I plan to handle immediately. Each school will be treated equally and fair. I want to bring some stability and some more organization to our league.

"I worked with Otto and he is a good man. He did a hell of a job with what he had to work with. This is a good opportunity for me and I definitely will help. I plan to do the best I can."

Chin said he planned to slightly modify the league's postseason basketball tournament and would have the 1988 football schedule prepared before the end of the school year.

Jordan's removal came after a 26-member task force submitted a report to McKenzie stating the D.C. athletic program was in deplorable condition. The task force asked the Board of Education to spend $4.3 million to revamp the sports program's administration, equipment and coaches' training. The board rejected the proposal as well as a more gradual $1.2 million expansion.

Instead, the board approved a budget that allotted $300,000 to sports equipment and $373,000 for additional personnel next year.

Some coaches expressed dismay that Jordan was made to look like he was to blame for the league's problems.

"He was not responsible for a lot of things wrong in the league," said one coach. "He was doing all he could with no help."

Jordan declined comment.