Three Wootton High School students attending a basketball game at Wheaton High School Friday night were assaulted by another group of teen-agers in a parking lot and two of the three were later treated at Shady Grove Adventist Hospital for possible eye injuries before being released.

According to a parent of one of the Wootton students, the three were walking to their car parked in a lot in front of the school after the varsity basketball game. They were attacked by a group of as many as a dozen unidentified teen-agers, who took their jackets and some money and punched and kicked all three.

Several other Wootton students, including members of the junior varsity basketball team, also reported being assaulted after the game.

Montgomery County police were called, but a police sergeant said last night that the only record of the incident was a report that said "reported robbery, unfounded." He said he could not comment further.

Wheaton athletic director Wayne Borr said, "Some people, we don't know who, just attacked these kids, took their jackets and some money. The police were called, and that's all I really know about it."

Wootton Athletic Director Jack Loudenberg said he knew of nothing that precipitated the incidents.