Several Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys players can expect to be fined for fighting on Sunday, an NFL spokesman said yesterday.

Defensive end Dexter Manley and middle linebacker Neal Olkewicz were principally involved for the Redskins; tackle Kevin Gogan, guards Nate Newton and Crawford Ker and quarterback Danny White were involved for the Cowboys. However, Jim Heffernan, the league's director of public relations, said reviewers will have the most difficulty determining which other players came off the bench to get involved.

Because the fight began after a Dallas touchdown, Heffernan said some players may have been on the field just for the extra point. Nonetheless, Heffernan said it will take more than a week to determine who's to blame and that fines "generally get into the thousands of dollars."

He added: "As of now, it's only the day after. There's a lot of sorting out to do. We'll get the officials' report, and we'll look at videotapes."

The fight apparently began when Manley scuffled with both Gogan and Newton. Olkewicz hit Newton from behind, but then Ker knocked Olkewicz down and White, the Dallas quarterback, speared him.

"I felt I had to stand up for my team," White said.

"I knew they'd be there to protect me before I got into too much trouble. Besides, I thought I was closer to our bench than theirs."

Redskins Coach Joe Gibbs said yesterday: "We don't want fights for a number of reasons. Obviously, you don't want anyone hurt. Plus you don't like the idea of fighting. It's not right. You shouldn't be fighting in football games. It's selfish; and you can get thrown out."

In another development, Cowboys President Tex Schramm yesterday disputed a call made by replay official Chuck Heberling. In the fourth quarter, Heberling had reversed an official's call, ruling that Redskins cornerback Barry Wilburn had not dropped an interception. His reasoning was that the ground had caused Wilburn to drop it and that "the ground can't cause a fumble."

Schramm, a chairman on the league's competition committee, said the ground had not caused a fumble, but an incompletion. "It's a totally different rule on receptions, as opposed to fumbles," he said. "On receptions, you have to retain possession when you hit the ground. There's no way that was anything but inconclusive {as far as whether Wilburn caught it}. It bothers the hell out of me how that could happen."