Houston Coach Jerry Glanville, angered at season-long charges that his players use illegal tactics, defended his team's play yesterday and used a brief film to show the Oilers, too, could complain about late hits.

"I was here under a different regime where, if someone punched you in the mouth, you turned around and walked away," said Glanville, a defensive coordinator under former Oilers Coach Hugh Campbell. "We don't allow that to happen anymore."

The Oilers defeated Pittsburgh for the second time this season on Sunday, and, for the second time, Steelers Coach Chuck Noll complained the Oilers used illegal hits in the game.

Noll met Glanville at midfield following the game and wagged a finger at him and warned that such tactics "will come back to haunt you. I'm serious." . . .

Despite the "Joe Must Go" chanting of fans at Sunday's 38-27 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles that eliminated the Jets from the NFL playoffs, New York Coach Joe Walton expects to continue coaching the team.

"Losing is the most imposing part of the game," Walton said. "You're only in this for one thing, to make the playoffs, and we didn't do it."