We have just hit the halfway point of our annual fund-raising campaign on behalf of Children's Hospital, and we are sending a message. It sounds a little like a jet plane.

As in z-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-m. As in up, up and away. As in wild blue yonder.

Our Week Four figures are the best we've ever turned in for the first half of a Children's campaign. The totals are:

Grand Total to Date: $172,479.97.

Total Given This Week: $88,415.42.

Individual Donors to Date: 1,758.

Group Donors to Date: 376.

But no game ends at halftime. In a very real way, we've only just begun. Which is where you come in.

If you've been out of town, out of sorts, out of money or all of the above, please make a donation today, to help kids whose families can't pay their medical bills.

If you inhabit an office, why not pass the hat for the hospital? Same if you're part of a car pool, a church choir, a bridge club or a chowder and marching society. We need help from all of you if we're going to keep jetting.

Thanks in advance.

Group givers seem to have decided that Christmas Week is Checkbook Week. The most recent donors:

The staff of The Independent Bankers Association of America and IBAA Bancard ($255).

Prince George's County Chapter, Maryland Retired Officers Association ($346).

District Heights Presbyterian Church Mariners ($115).

Mary Ellen Stanton's second-grade class at Middleton Valley Academy ($24).

Joyce Goodman's third-grade class at Congressional School of Virginia, Falls Church ($15).

Montgomery County Deputy Sheriffs' Association ($1,000).

Information and Data Systems Division, National Park Service ($223).

Cissel-Saxon Unit No. 41, American Legion Auxiliary, Silver Spring ($25)

Staffers at The Browne Academy, Alexandria ($65).

Computer Science Center, University of Maryland ($203 raised to root on Janet Merkel during her diet).

Paul and Annetta Himmelfarb Foundation, Inc. ($5,000).

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Rockville ($112).

Winter-Fried Associates ($50).

You're generous folks, indeed. Many thanks!


Make a check or money order payable to Children's Hospital and mail it to Bob Levey, The Washington Post, Washington, D.C., 20071.