MIAMI, DEC. 26 -- A judge today ruled that University of Miami linebacker George Mira Jr. can practice for the national championship Orange Bowl game against Oklahoma if Miami officials agree. But school officials said Mira isn't wanted.

"I'm not the coach of the University of Miami football team. This court can't tell Jimmy Johnson how to handle the members of his team," Dade County Circuit Judge Philip Bloom said.

The temporary restraining order Bloom issued at the request of Mira's attorneys did not guarantee that the senior, who was suspended after pre-bowl drug tests detected a diuretic in his system, could practice.

Whether Mira could take part in today's practice, the first after a four-day Christmas holiday, was entirely up to "the discretion of the University of Miami and its coaching staff," Bloom said.

"Does the university want Mira to practice or not?" Bloom asked Paul Dee, an attorney representing the school. "We do not," Dee said.

Johnson met with Mira after the hearing and said they "mutually decided it was best for everyone concerned that he not practice with the team. He will continue to work out on his own" pending a final hearing next week.

Dee said Mira's presence would disrupt the team because his status in the championship game was uncertain. Dee added that Mira's return to the team could jeopardize the team's possible championship under NCAA rules.

"The university should not subject itself to possible forfeit of any award or be forced to refund proceeds from bowl appearance money," Dee said.

Mira's attorneys, former Florida attorney general Robert Shevin and W. Sam Holland, argued that any possible sanctions by the NCAA are far outweighed by Mira's constitutional rights.

Besides Mira, the team's all-time leading tackler, starting offensive tackle John O'Neill was suspended after the test also detected a diuretic in his system.

O'Neill said he will not take legal action at this time. "We going to wait to see what happens in the Mira case," attorney Alan Dimond said.

Mira has made a school-record 490 tackles and his 147 tackles this season is a record for a middle linebacker. O'Neill is one of Miami's top pass blockers.

Mira and O'Neill were the only "test positives" among the 36 Hurricane players tested. Meanwhile, Oklahoma reported that the NCAA said that all 36 Sooners tested earlier this month passed.

Staff writer Sally Jenkins contributed to this report.