TORONTO, DEC. 27 -- The Washington Capitals marked the end of their holiday reevaluation today by calling up three players -- center Mike Richard, left wing Yvon Corriveau and goaltender Alain Raymond.

The callups were announced by General Manager David Poile, who added, "I am satisfied with the performance of our coaching staff."

No players were demoted. Richard and Corriveau were summoned from Binghamton and will play against the Toronto Maple Leafs here Monday night. They are, in effect, being given a chance to make the team because of deficiencies shown by others.

Raymond was called up from Fort Wayne and may be given the starting assignment Monday. His recall was necessitated when Pete Peeters suffered a pulled muscle in his right thigh during Saturday's 3-2 loss to the Philadelphia Flyers at Capital Centre.

Poile made his announcements with Coach Bryan Murray standing next to him following a team meeting at the conclusion of this afternoon's practice at Mount Vernon. Of the newcomers, Poile said, "Our season shouldn't be hinging on Mike Richard and Yvon Corriveau, but if that's what it takes to get us going, then that's what it takes. We're always looking for something.

"We had planned to have our young players stay down in the minors as long as possible, but the plan also was for the Washington Capitals to have a much better record than they have now."

The Capitals, 15-17-4, are fifth in the Patrick Division. They seemed headed out of sight until Poile announced here Dec. 16, after a 6-1 loss to Detroit, that he was going to reevaluate the entire situation after the game against the Flyers.

After having lost a day earlier (Dec. 15) to Toronto, 5-3, the Capitals regrouped and built a four-game unbeaten streak before losing to the Flyers.

"I'm pleased that we went on that undefeated streak and our defensive play has been sound, which should be in our favor when the chips are down," Poile said. "But there are areas where we must improve offensively, and individually, a lot of players can contribute more than they have over the first half of the schedule.

"Basically, we made our bed with these players at the start of the season, we agreed that we had a good hockey club and this is the team we're going to stick with, although I reserve the right to make changes at any time.

"Two or three players have the chance to have the best year of their careers. Other than that, none is coming anywhere near his best year, careerwise. We have 25 games left in our division and if we dominate in our division we could finish first. If we falter in our division, we could go to the basement."

He said he planned further evaluations and that changes could come any time. However, he said there would be no explicit period of observation like the one just concluded.

"I could be upset after tomorrow's game and make changes, or I could wait till next summer," he said.

It would appear that today's callups were made in a similar vein to the original "reevaluation": to send a message to nonproducing regulars. Defenseman Yves Beaudoin, given a similar opportunity last week, was returned to Binghamton after one game.

Richard, 21, who was signed as a free agent in October, established an American Hockey League record with a 31-game scoring streak that ended Saturday. He had 28 goals and 31 assists in 36 games.

However, this is his first pro season and he said last week, "I'm still learning and I don't think I'm ready to go up now."

Corriveau, 20, a first-round draft pick in 1985, has played 19 games for Washington over the last two seasons. He had 15 goals and 14 assists at Binghamton.

"These two guys are young players who have a chance to score some points," Murray said.

"They have a chance through effort and emotion to have some positive results. {Binghamton Coach} Larry {Pleau} said Yvon Corriveau has shown considerable improvement recently. Mike Richard certainly deserves a chance on what he's done."