Ivan Lendl, the world's top-ranked men's tennis player, announced yesterday he was leaving the Washington-based management group, ProServ, Inc., to form his own sports management firm, Spectrum Sports Incorporated. Spectrum will be headquartered in Greenwich, Conn., where he lives.

Lendl, 27, who ended the tennis year earlier this month by winning the Nabisco Masters tournament in New York, said the decision to leave ProServ came after his former ProServ agent, Jerry Solomon, became ProServ's chief executive officer, and new ProServ representatives began handling his endorsements and activities.

"It has worked very good with Jerry," Lendl said from Australia. "It wasn't any one thing, it was just the whole relationship that was going on . . . From the time Jerry wasn't taking care of my business, it just wasn't clicking as well. Once he started not being there, it just wasn't as accommodating and it wasn't as productive as before."

Lendl did say all endorsements and agreements made by ProServ would be honored. The new company initially will handle just Lendl, but may branch out to handle other players eventually, he said.

Lendl said he would like to still be involved in Spectrum when his playing days are over. "I hope when I retire, that this could be something I could be involved in and enjoy," he said.

Solomon was not available for comment.