St. Louis Cardinals owner William Bidwill will not make a decision about moving his National Football League franchise until next week at the earliest, Tom Guilfoyle, his close friend and attorney, said yesterday.

"There will be no decision today," Guilfoyle said in a telephone interview from St. Louis. "To the contrary, there will be nothing this week."

This is not due to St. Louis' last-minute bid to keep the team, Guilfoyle said. Bidwill is deciding between relocating his franchise in Baltimore, Phoenix or Jacksonville, and keeping it in St. Louis.

"It's a difficult decision to make," Guilfoyle said. "It's tough to tie things down. There are a lot of subjective factors. I'm remodeling my house and I have trouble choosing the tile. You think of the immensity of the decision he has to make and it's really not that easy."

If he decides to move the franchise, Bidwill has until Jan. 15 to notify the league of his intentions. His family has owned the Cardinals for 52 years, the last 27 in St. Louis. Guilfoyle pointed out in an earlier interview, "He's trying to decide what's good for his family {including his wife and five children}. He's making a determination of what the rest of his lifetime is going to be."

Herb Belgrad, the Maryland Stadium Authority chairman who has remained confident the Cardinals will relocate in Baltimore next season, said, "We can wait as long as we have to wait. There's plenty of time after the first of the year to work out whatever lease arrangements {at both Memorial Stadium and a new football stadium in Camden Yards} have to be worked out to comply with the Jan. 15 date."

Meanwhile, NFL spokesman Joe Browne confirmed that Bidwill had a hour-long meeting with league Commissioner Pete Rozelle on Monday at the NFL's headquarters in New York. "There was no indication which way he was leaning or when he would decide," Browne said.

Browne declined to reveal the substance of Bidwill's conversation with Rozelle other than to say it concerned "{the Cardinals'} status in St. Louis." Browne said Rozelle has met with Bidwill two or three times since the owner started seeking cities to which he could move his team.

Guilfoyle said that, while the topic of the Cardinals' possible move may have come up, most of the hour was spent discussing league business. "I would not equate any visit with Rozelle with the current business of whether or not he's going to move the franchise."

With Bidwill's decision on hold, the Maryland Stadium Authority yesterday continued negotiations here with representivives of the Baltimore Orioles concerning their lease at the new baseball stadium scheduled to be built by the state in Camden Yards. The stadium will not be built until the American League team agrees to a long-term lease.

Belgrad said there was "progress" in the talks, but declined to project when a deal might be completed.