The Washington Bullets said they today will re-sign guard Steve Colter, who was waived on Tuesday, in preparation for tonight's game against the Denver Nuggets at Capital Centre.

With forward Jay Murphy out indefinitely with a herniated disk, the team could place him on the injured list and add yet another body, but General Manager Bob Ferry said last night he did not anticipate an additional signing "unless something crazy happens . . . I don't have any plans to {sign another player in addition to Colter} right now."

It's possible forward Bernard King will return to Washington's starting lineup against the Nuggets, the highest scoring team in the NBA with an average of 117 points per game. As a substitute, he has averaged almost 23 points in the Bullets' last four games.

Coach Kevin Loughery often has said that he prefers keeping King in that role. However, after Wednesday night's 117-112 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers, Loughery said that he "may have to start him and let him go."

The question may have been made moot yesterday, when present starter Charles Jones turned up with a sore neck and was unable to practice at Bowie State College. Loughery said Jones might not play tonight and that King might start instead.

Forward John Williams is in uniform but still moves gingerly. Hobbled by a bruised thigh, he played only nine minutes against the Trail Blazers. When asked yesterday if he could move about effectively, he answered yes, "but only at about 50 percent."

With guard Darrell Walker already on the injured list and Murphy absent, it left the Bullets with eight players for what out of necessity became a very light workout yesterday. "We weren't going hard today, anyway," said Loughery, "but the way things are, I didn't want to take a chance of someone else getting hurt and not being able to fill out the roster."

Colter was signed Dec. 22, shortly after Walker was injured. A week ago, after Colter's solid performance in his first game with the club, Loughery was touting him as a possible starter at point guard. Days later he was released and on Wednesday the Bullets lost the very game that the coach talked about starting him in. Colter could not be reached for comment and Loughery wouldn't give one when asked his opinion about the move.

When Colter is re-signed, the Bullets can offer him two 10-day contracts before having to make another decision about their roster. It has been speculated that Colter was originally cut solely so the team could save the minimum $75,000 guaranteed contract they would have had to give Colter had he stayed on the team after Tuesday. Ferry argued, however, that it wasn't a financial decision at all.

"It wasn't the money part at all," he said. "A club's got to do the right things. Colter might be able to help us but we haven't had him long enough to really analyze that. Can you say for sure that he would? Can Kevin? Can anyone really say that? He may, but we have to excel from what we've got right here {the present roster} first."

It's ironic that the Bullets are trying to settle questions about their point guard on the day that Denver comes to town. The Nuggets, a surprising 16-11, have Michael Adams starting and playing a major role in their offense.

Adams, traded by the Bullets along with forward Jay Vincent in exchange for Walker and forward Mark Alarie on Nov. 3, is averaging 11 points and six assists per game and ranks seventh in the NBA in three-point field goal percentage. Vincent is averaging 14 points a game as a substitute.

"He's just had an incredible year," Nuggets assistant coach Allan Bristow said of Adams. "He was just setting an unbelievable tempo for us and it enabled us to move Fat {Lafayette Lever} to off guard, and he's had a better year than last year."

Last season, Lever led the NBA in triple-doubles and averaged 18.9 points, 8.8 rebounds and eight assists. In the offseason he was mentioned as part of a possible trade with the Bullets but stayed in Denver, where he has teamed with Adams.

"When you trade good players, you know that they're going to do well," said Ferry. "I've always liked Jay Vincent, I've always liked Michael Adams -- that's why they were here. But we're happy with Darrell and Mark and Bernard King.

"Jay and Bernard couldn't have played together and we needed Darrell; a big, versatile guard who can play great defense. But you have to give something up to get something, which is what we did."