The way Doug Williams sees it, he still might get traded after the season.

Bobby Beathard, the Washington Redskins' general manager, said Thursday he will keep all three of his quarterbacks for next year. But Williams, who will start the Redskins' first playoff game, laughed yesterday and said: "A lot of times, that's like owners giving coaches a vote of confidence. They're gone soon after. So you never know. If you'll remember, the Houston Rockets signed Ralph Sampson to a deal and told him they wouldn't trade him. Anything can happen."

Williams said he's thinking more about the playoffs than next summer, but he admitted training camp will be a little "crowded" with him, Jay Schroeder and Mark Rypien competing for jobs.

"I don't think it'll be a good situation going in," he said. "I don't think a lot people want to go in with that kind of pressure, hearing 'Whoever plays well in preseason will be the starter.' That'd be a tough situation, and I think coaches prefer to go into training camp knowing their No. 1 {quarterback}."

Assuming Williams finishes the season as the Redskins' starter, he might be able to consider himself the incumbent going into next season. But he doubted that yesterday, saying: "There's so much time in between. Coaches and management have so much to talk about and look at and evaluate . . . With so many months in between, so much can happen."

Schroeder agreed, saying yesterday: "Training camp's a long way away."

As for Williams, he wondered what Beathard would do if some team offered a first-round pick and a player for one of the quarterbacks.

"They may say they're not going to trade anybody," Williams said, "but they may get a {first-round pick} and a player for somebody and say, 'Hey, we had to do it.' Bobby's been in this business long enough. He knows a good deal when he sees it."